CWA Local 3645

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Quartery Report for Local 3645

Greetings Members: Our number one goal is to make sure all members in our 22 stations know what is happening in the Local through total transparency.  Official Union information can be accessed on our Website, Union Boards and our Stewards.

Quarterly Report for Local 3645

           Stations Local 3645 Serve

AGS                       HHH

AVL                       HSV

CAE                       ILM

CLT                        MGM

DAB                      OAJ

EWN                     PGV

FAY                       SDF

FLO                       TRI

GNV                      TYS

GPT                       VPS

GSP                       MYR

To: CWA Local Members

Re Local Committees


Were asking for member to join the Local committees. The committees are

1.Education- Assist in developing locals education program.

2.Election- Conduct all nominations and elections.,

3. Organizing- Assist in organizing officers, stewards and members.

4. Legislative-Political- assist with pursuing programs of local in legislative field.

5. Mobilization- Work and put in to place mobilization structure that enables communication, education and action.

 Here is your chance to turn your complaints in to active involvement in holding the company accountable and being the change that you want to see. In addition to building a strong union.

If you want to participate in the next Steward Training and becoming a steward in your station, then please send an email with your name, station and your contact information to  [email protected]  

 We are Strong Together!!


 In Unity

Anthony Barden CWA Local 3645 President