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Quarterly Report for Local 3645 July 2019

Greetings Members: Our number one goal is to make sure all members in our 22 stations know what is happening in the Local through total transparency.  Official Union information can be accessed on our Website, Union Boards and our Stewards.

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To: CWA Local 3645 Members

Subject: August Updates

-        Local processed multiple step 1 grievances in CLT and out stations.

-        Local officers and Area Representatives attended biannual meetings in GNV, OAJ, TRI

-        Local Area Representatives visited multiple stations including AVL, SDF, MYR, TYS.

-        Local officers held station visits to TYS

-        Local held two system Boards totaling 16 cases.

-        Local held Department head meeting in CLT.

Greeting Local 3645 members

The Local was notified on August 18 that the building that currently houses our Union office has been sold to a developer. The new owners want the building empty when they take possision of the property.  We have been utilizing all executive board members to try and locate a new office space. This is a difficult task because there are many things that have to be considered.

1. proximity to airport

2. Price

3. proximity to hotels

4. safety 

5. proximity to old terminal ( System Board Hearings)


 AGS Augusta Regional Airport

Arlinda Hampton 404 569 0090  [email protected]

AVL Asheville Regional Airport
Contact Douglas Christian   7046044728 [email protected]