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The Families First Coronavirus Response Act was enacted on March 18, 2020 and took effect on April 2. The Act addresses the COVID-19 public health emergency. Employers will be required to provide limited paid leave to employees. Employers will be able to recoup some of the costs for paid leave by payroll tax credits. Health Care Plans, including insured and self-insured Taft Hartley Plans, will be required to pay for coronavirus testing. We are still analyzing the Act and some of its provisions will need time, and regulations, to fully digest and administer correctly.

The CARES Act stimulus package includes changes to unemployment compensation benefits that are available as a result of COVID-19. The Act’s main changes to unemployment compensation are in three provisions: 1. Emergency Increase in Regular Unemployment Compensation Benefits (“PUC”) The CARES Act provides an emergency increase (Pandemic Unemployment Compensation, or PUC) to regular unemployment compensation benefits to all states that opt in to agreement with the U.S. Department of Labor for COVID-19 UC expansion.

Quarterly Report for Local 3645  April 2020

Quarterly Report for Local 3645

Greetings Members: Our number one goal is to make sure all members in our 22 stations know what is happening in the Local through total transparency.  Official Union information can be accessed on our Website, Union Boards and our Stewards.

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A UNION is an organization set up to protect the rights of workers in the work place including fair treatment, non-bias, prejudice, safety, work conditions, ensuring non-hostile work environment and ensuring the company is following our contract.

Every dues paying member is protected by the contract that provides every member with the right to

1.Union Representation for all interactions with management.

 2. Grieve any instance of discipline, correctives including termination (except probationary Employees).