What the Union Does


We all now enjoy the luxury that comes with years of fighting to get a union . The struggle was real many people put in blood sweat and tears to get a union in our workplace. Prior to the Union we were all at will employees and could be terminated by any member of management for voicing our concerns or just not liking what we said or how we said it. The Union has allowed us to be able to voice our concerns to management with out fear of reprisal or termination.

New Hire Orientation- Local 3645 has conducted over 2000 new hire orientations.  These new hires have been introduced to the union and introduced the who, what, when, how and why CWA local 3645 exist.

Station Visits- The Executive Board which consist of the President, Executive vice President, Vice President and Area Representatives conduct Regular station visit to the 22 stations in our local.  This is when the local stewards and members get to have one on ones with our executive board. It is also another chance for members to have hands on access to the leadership team and address any personal workplace or contractual concerns a member may have.  Frequent travel to conduct Station Visits are a crucial part of the regular functions of local 3645 because our members are spread out geographically throughout the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee making up 22 stations including CLT.

Grievances Hearings- Local 3645 has conducted over 500 grievances hearing.  These hearings are when members exercise their contractual rights and meet directly with the station management to fight any form of discipline and dependability correctives. Also, members can file grievances for any contract violations.

System Board Hearings- Local 3645 has conducted over 200 system board hearings. This is the 2nd Step in the grievance process. Those members who were not satisfied with the outcome of their original grievance can request for it to go to the System Board.  The System Board involves the grievant presenting their case at a hearing that is heard by 4 impartial and neutral board members. The System Board Consist of 2 Union Representatives and 2 Company Representatives.  The System Board Hearing is like a court proceeding.  The Union and the Company representatives present their perspectives cases including any testimony, evidence, documentation, pictures and witnesses to the board.  The Board after hearing each case makes a binding decision based on the evidence, testimony, evidence, documentation and witnesses presented.

Arbitration- If any System Board decision results in a Deadlock which is when the union and company representatives disagree Then it is sent the CWA National Staff Representative for consideration for Arbitration.  Once the request for Arbitration is sent to the CWA national level it is no longer under the jurisdiction of Local 3645. The Arbitration process is totally under the control of CWA National.

Management Meetings- Local 3645 has regular meetings with the management team in all 22 stations to address, correct and resolve any Union and safety concerns that our members have at any station. 

Biannual Meetings- Local 3645 officers hold bi annual meeting with the General managers in all 22 stations in our local.  These meetings address the individual station operations, growth and performance.

Corporate Meetings- Local 3645 Officers meet biannually with the Piedmont corporate officers, regional and corporate directors. These meetings are when the Piedmont officers go over the business aspects the company.  As well as growth, attrition and any other issues affecting the monetary component of the Company.

Bid Committee-   Our contract calls for participation in the Bidding process.  Bid committees have been set up in each station to participate in the bidding process.  The bid committee is generally made up of at least one steward, one full and part time employee.  Please note the bid committee primary function is to address each station operational needs.

Safety Committee- Local 3645 have Stewards that have volunteered to participate in the system wide safety meeting each quarter.  Also, these stewards may participate in the station safety meetings.  Local 3645 is committed to all safety matters.

Local 3645 Officers and Executive Board are committed to the Work force and the Labor movement. We fight to stop encroachment, outsourcing, poverty wages and unfair and unsafe practices in the workplace. This is done through collaboration with other Labor Unions and organizations. 

We are thankful for those of you who understand the labor struggle and support our efforts.

You are all the Union. We must be united in order to reach our goals. Together we win!