What the Union Does


Orientation- Over 2000 new hires have been introduced to the union and given the who, what, when, how and why CWA local 3645 exist.

Station Visits- Regular station visit by our Arear Representativs. The members have gotten a chance to meet their executive board members and the stewards in those stations are given the supplemental hands on accessibility to their Area representatives via non rev travel.

Grievances Hearings Over 350 grievances hearing in which members can meet directly with station management to resolve correctives, contract violations, Payroll, safety and operational issues.

System Board Hearings- Nearly 150 system board hearings which is the 2nd Step for members to resolve correctives, contract violations, payroll, safety, and operational issues that members have not received the desired results during the initial grievance process.

Bid Committee- Routine meetings with members and station management to make sure the bid is addressing station operational requirements as well as member Scheduling request in all work areas. 

Safety Committee- Formation of a safety committee led by an Executive board member that helps members in all of the stations in local 3645 resolve safety concerns and violations.

We are consistent in our meetings with management, orientation, grievances and hearing processes,

We are working with a very reputable CPA and building a solid financial committee to ensure that our finances are secure and stay above reproach.

Steward meetings and E-Board meetings via non-rev travel.

We are working to stop encroachment, outsourcing, poverty wages and unfair and unsafe practices in the workplace.

We are constently welcoming members who will stand with us.

We are thankful for those of you who understand the labor struggle and support our efforts.

You are the Union. We must be  united, visible, vocal and visionary in order to reach the goals that we all hope to see sooner than later. Staying content where you are will not gaurantee us a better contract. Together we win. The time to act is now!

In Solidarity