CWA Local 3645 represents each and every member in the following stations AGS, HHH, AVL, HSV, CAE, ILM, CLT, MGM, DAB, MYR, EWN, OAJ,FAY, PGV, FLO, SDF,GNV, TRI, GPT, TYS, GSP, VPS. SRQ. Local 3645 will support each and every dues paying member in all of our 23 stations that have a UNION related issue. The officers, Executive Board, and local shop stewards will assist all dues paying member that have a union related issue that requires the support of the UNION. There is NO one member or one issue in any of our 23 stations that is MORE important than a member or issue in any other station.
The word Union means that we are all ONE. We are UNITY. We are UNITED. We are TOGETHER. We are UNDIVIDEDNESS. We are in SOLIDARITY. We are in AGREEMENT. We are in ALLIANCE. We believe in UNIFORMITY. We are SAMENESS. We are INTERCONNECTED. We are in UNISON. There is no separation or division when it comes to the core values of what the UNION represents. CWA Local 3645 cares about ALL of its members in ALL of our stations. Local 3645 will service ANY member in ANY of our stations that has a UNION related issue. Any Union member that feels differently is misinformed on what UNIONS are and needs to do their research and find out the who, what, when, where and how of what Unions are. Spreading ignorance as it relates to what UNIONS are not is a direct assault on all us as dues paying members in CWA Local 3645 and the rest of the 7.1 million UNION Members across the United States. The UNION is all of US working together. The UNION is never about one.