To: Local 3645 members

Re: Union dues


Union dues are 1.3% of hourly wages not including lump sum payments or overtime hours. For example, a full-time employee making $12/hr. the weekly union dues will be $6.24. For example, a part time employee who works 20 hours and makes $10/hr. the weekly union dues will be $4.68

40% of our union dues go to CWA National. It is used for legal cost, running the national office including defending people who are terminated, disciplined at Piedmont and to pay for Arbitration.

The remaining 60% of our dues go to the Local.  Those dues will be used to pay for Union office rent, utilities, renters’ insurance, President Insurance, Works Comp insurance. In addition to administrative expenses such as office supplies and any other expenses incurred due to maintaining the union office. Additional our union dues go toward maintaining the Union website and Email communications to all members who have requested it and our Annual Shop Steward Leadership Training. Additionally, our dues are used for reimbursement of lost wages incurred by any Union Representative because of conducting union business ex: attending Grievance Hearing, System Board Hearing, Trainings, Station Visits, Bi Annual meeting CWA national meeting,  District 3 meetings, Local Steward leadership Training and Arbitration .

Most importantly our union dues are used to build a strong organization that will fight for the rights of Piedmont Agents. The benefits you will receive are the things workers fought for in our union and every other union in the history of the Labor Move. There are other benefits union members get including free legal advice, discounts from AT&T Wireless, Car Rentals, Mortgages, Health Insurance, Car and automobile insurance, union credit cards and a host of other discounts with participating industries. You can see the whole list at: www.unionplus.org.