TO: CWA Local 3645 Members

From:  CWA Local 3645 

Subject: Union Cards

Greetings Union Brothers and Sisters, CWA National has Sent Union Cards for all Members. The cards are at the Union office Located at 5715 Westpark Drive Suite 100  Phone: 980 236 7200 and will be distributed generally Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays from 1pm to 5pm.  Please keep in mind our Local oversees 21 different airports in addition to CLT. Servicing our members in these other stations will impact the days and hours Union cards are distributed.  It is always best to call the union office or send an email to [email protected] to confirm someone will be at the union office or confirm the days and times someone will be in the Union office.

Those members who are located in our out stations your stewards will be mailed union cards in the next couple of weeks. These cards will be distributed in your stations by your stewards.

Your Union Card entitles you to many discounts ranging from car rental, home insurance, auto insurance, cell phone service, credit cards, health insurance plans and many more.

Anthony Barden - President CWA Local 3645                                                                                                    Darryle Williams PhD - Executive Vice President CWA Local 3645                                                                    Donielle Prophete  - Vice President CWA Local 3645                                                                                    Shaquelle Baker - Secretary /Treasurer  CWA Local 3645