So piedmont agents.... the Local leaders had a OSHA meeting yesterday with the Piedmont leaders. The company was fighting the citations they received. The OSHA director told PIEDMONT that they showed NO signs of STRONG discipline of agents not wearing their seatbelts. They recommended suspension and/or termination. They feel the lack of wearing a seatbelt is an egregious enough safety violation that it should be a automatic level 3 and suspension. So agents.... pay attention. Do NOT and We repeat.. DO NOT drive a piece of equipment without your seatbelt on... PERIOD... y’all know the Company is going to now discipline HARD for any safety is YOUR JOB to NOT work ANY equipment that has ANY MTC issues. You can not say they are forcing you too. The osha inspector said any agent who reports mtc must be inspected and if you report it.. and a manager says use it anyway... alllll agents should stop what you are doing and call the Piedmont safety hotline number and report that manager... send a email to your station department head and/or GM in WRITING and report such manager!! The OSHA inspection and interviews with multiple agents showed that AGENTS are taking it upon themselves to work broke equipment because they FEAR retaliation. OSHA inspector said that’s not a good enough excuse. We have to prove someone is so-called MAKING you do this.

The osha inspector also told the company to discipline harder any agent who does not do a REAL 360 walk around. So the Unions position is... y’all need to stop rushing and work at a steady pace.. do all your pre checks. Let those bags miss if it comes down to a tug having a malfunction. No windshield wiper?? Do NOT operate. Tug is fogging? Do NOT operate. Any seatbelts frayed or won’t fit? Do NOT operate. The bag cart curtains don’t work..DO NOT operate. This goes for ALL stations. Y’all need to check every piece of equipment you are required to operate and report any problems and do NOT use it until it is checked by GSE. if a manager will not tag a piece of equipment out, please contact the Union officers IMMEDIATELY by sending a email to: [email protected] and reporting this and we will file a safety complaint.

If you get terminated for safety... it’s going to be a hard win in the grievance process because we were there and heard the OSHA inspector tell them to discipline HARDER. They want agents to take safety SERIOUS... because it can cost you your lives.

Safety is EVERYONE’s job. And y’all have got to take this serious!! We can’t afford to lose another agent!

In Unity.