The officers for local 3645  along with other leaders from CWA locals across the system met with the Senior executive leadership Team for Piedmont including Eric Morgan, Michelle Foose,  Jeff Garver, Aylin Alberak, John Keaton, and other regional directors, regional managers from the  Piedmont operations for the first Biannual meeting of 2020. 

One of the core meassasge of the meeting from Piedmont was growing and developing Piedmont largest partnerships which are American Airlines and CWA. This was a theme that has been presented before but not in such a formal and focus platform. 

Also the other core components of the meeting was Highlights and Strugg;les that Piedmont had for 2019.  Piedmont highlighted the  best performing stations  pointing out TRI 11  consecutive "A's" . Piedmont presented the finianials for all the equipment that was purchased and distributed to all the Piedmont stations with CLT, PHL and DCA recieving the most Equipment.   The newest Piedmont stations were mentionted. There was also a presentation of all the Piedmont stations that will be or are currently undergoing a "Station Refresh" with major renovations going on in HHH.  Piedmont also presented their goal for 2020 which included a motto of Compassion, commitment to saftey and Communication. There was a great emphasis on improving emplyee relations as it relates to senior leadership.

In Solidarity, CWA Local 3645 Leadership Team

Anthony Barden – President,   Darryle Williams Phd - Executive Vice President

Donielle Prophete - Vice President,  Shaquelle Baker - Secretary Treasurer