January Updates

To: CWA Local 3645 Members

Subject:  Updates 

-        Several of Local 3645 Stewards attended the  Piedmont Quarterly Saftey meeting in PHL 

-        Local processed Dozens of  step 1 grievances in CLT and out stations   

-        Local officers and Area Representatives attended biannual meetings  MGM, HSV

-        Local Area Representatives visited multiple stations including  HSV

-        Local officers held station visits to PGV, GSP

-        Local held two system Boards in November  totaling 16 cases..

-        Local held bimonthly meeting with the Senior Ramp Manager in CLT.

-        Local conducted 8 new hire orientations in CLT.

-         Local held monthly system wide Shop Steward Call.

-       New Union Office has been leased

         In Unity  CWA Local 3645 Leadership team