F. Any member authorized to attend an out of town Union function will be reimbursed for Hotel room charge only. (Not incidentals charged to the room)

 Change is due to a member getting per diem for meals and then charging meals and incidentals to the room charge.

O. Members that currently contribute to their Piedmont Airlines  401K will receive an amount equal to the Company match per the current CBA for any paid hours worked for Local 3645.

 To be in line with the other locals, if you have 401K at Piedmont you should get a match for the hours worked at the local.

R. Flower Fund for current members in the event of their death will be in the amount of $100.00, or if the obituary states in lieu of flowers, the amount will be sent to the charity of their choice or to the Member’s family.

(The E-Board may decide to give a gift card depending on the circumstances)

 We feel 75.00 was too low and especially during this Covid 19 outbreak, we want to increase the amount to 100.00


T. Retired members who wish to remain active in CWA Local 3645 may pay $10.00 per month in dues to remain a member in good standing.

 This also is in other airline locals.