A union is an organization set up to protect the rights of workers in the work place including fair treatment, non-bias, prejudice, safety, work conditions, ensuring non-hostile work environment.

Every dues paying member is protected by the contract that provides every member with the ability to grieve any instance of discipline, correctives including termination. These rights are not subject to the work ethics or lack thereof of any member.

Every dues paying member has the right to have representation, file grievance and the right to a fair hearing (System Board).

Unions have made sure workers get fair wages, guaranteed hours, benefits and a voice in specific station practices and policies.

Piedmont needs a union because mostly all the states that piedmont operates in are in right to work and/ or at will employment states. Which means a person could be fired without any cause or reason. A union protects Piedmont workers from these conditions even in right to work and/ or at will employment states.

The members are the union. Many members volunteer and become shop stewards, join committees and run for elected positions to be more active and make the union stronger by advocating for workers’ rights. These individuals are serious defenders of the labor movement. They know that being an active Labor leader requires lots of dedication and volunteering a lot of time. 

Unions protect workers’ rights by the grievance process, system board hearings, regular meeting with management, forming committees and enforcing the contract. The contract sets forth the agreements made between piedmont and the Union protecting all our member’s work place rights.

CWA Local 3645 also works with other locals and other politically motivated movements to fight for our members on all fronts to protect all those that are in the labor movement.