Steward Leadership Training 2019

Greetings  Stewards

I hope all is well. It’s that time again… our Annual CWA Local 3645 Steward Leadership Training. Over the past three years we have taken great pride in what we have been able to accomplish with our leadership training. So please join us for our 3rd annual training. We’ve come along when since this executive board took office and we want to keep the momentum going with our key stabilizing factor… EDUCATION. The more educated you guys are.. the stronger WE are. As you know, being a steward in an important role and we want you all to be successful. In an effort to do that, we have to give you the tools you need to do just that….. During our training, we will be going over items like: (this list is not inclusive):

1. What is a steward? What is a stewards role?
2. How to write a grievance. 
3. How to investigate and document. 
4. How to prepare for system board. 
5. How to present for system board.
6. How to SIT on the System Board of Adjustment.
6. What is collective bargaining? 
7. The importance of membership meetings?
8. What is a leader? 
9. What does a chief steward do?
10. What does the Area Rep. do?
11. How to present your Union board.
12. The importance of educating new members.
13. The importance of being a TEAM.
14. The importance of organizing. 
15. What is a Union?                                                                                                                                                                  16 New  Contract Intepretation 

The dates  are: 
1. January 4-7 2019

 Everyone *MUST* attend a steward Leadership class in order to remain a shop steward. There will be A LOT of hands on training and activities.

Donielle Prophete
Vice President/Grievance Coordinator
CWA Local 3645