September Updates

To: CWA Local 3645 Members

Subject: August Updates

-        Local processed Dozens of  step 1 grievances in CLT and out stations.

-        Local officers and Area Representatives attended biannual meetings in GPS,EWN

-        Local Area Representatives visited multiple stations including FAY,AGS

-        Local officers held station visits to GSP

-        Local held two system Boards totaling 16 cases.

-        Local held Department head meeting in CLT.

-        Local held bimonthly meeting with the Senior Ramp Manager in CLT.

-        Local conducted 7 new hire orientations in CLT.

-         Local held monthly system wide Shop Steward Call.

-        Local Officers atteend CWA District 3 Meeting along with American Mainline, American Reservation,  AT&T and many other CWA Locals in District 3.

-        Local officers, Stewards and members attended the September City Council meeting  in CLT to address City Council  and the CLT Airport director to proactively address and have followup with the on going issues at the airport that fall under the jurisdiction of the City. Example, Lighting on E/D concourse,  Hot jet bridges, Lack of air circulation in T-Point. 

-     Vice President and EVP met with Local News to talk about the importance and impact of the Airport reautorization act which provides the same federal protection that FA. CA and CO to  Airline Airport Employees.

         In Unity  CWA Local 3645 Leadership team