SAFETY! Union and Company United

SAFETY: Company and Union UNITED

Our egom, policies and procedures and Handbook dictate that we work by the rules and SAFELY. This is Company policy.  Please work by the rules and follow all policy and procedures. WORK ONE PLANE AT A TIME

In Solidarity,                                                                                                                                                                        Darryle Williams PHD - Executive Vice President CWA Local 3645     

On another front, our team still has a chance to meet or exceed the two most important goals for our business: protecting our employees and the aircraft we handle. For most of this year we performed well against our goals, but since the end of summer we have experienced an increased number of employee injuries and aircraft ground damages. This creates personal pain for individual team members and threatens job security for us all when we fail to meet these critical goals as a ground handler for American Airlines.

As we work through this holiday travel season, you can help us reverse this trend and end the year strong by:
* Being at work as scheduled to help fellow employees serve our customers
* Maintaining situational awareness while working and encouraging team members to do the same to protect one another from accidents or injuries
* Choosing to know and comply with the safety procedures applicable to your job
* Proactively participating in Safety Briefings to encourage a culture of compliance at Piedmont
* Never performing a task you’re not trained for and S.T.O.P. if there is any doubt about SAFETY

Please know the work you do to safely serve our customers and handle flights for American Airlines is appreciated. Thank you again for helping us maintain a safety compliant workplace that protects employees and customers every day.

 Eric Morgan
 December 18, 2017
Subject: Finishing Strong