Quarterly Report

Quarterly Report for Local 3645 July 2019

Greetings Members: Our number one goal is to make sure all members in our 22 stations know what is happening in the Local through total transparency.  Official Union information can be accessed on our Website, Union Boards and our Stewards.

• Contract  

Please make sure that you become familiar and read Your Contract!  It is Your Contract and you are responsible for knowing it. Keep in mind that the Union is 100% behind you and fighting any issues or violations that may come up as a result of you discovering something in the contract is not being followed.  A copy of the contract is on the Piedmont employee website and also the Union Website.

•  CWA and Piedmont Station Leader meetings

The Leadership Team of Local 3645 have begun meeting with the Leadership team in of our 22 stations on a Biannual basis. The Leadership team of Local 3645 felt that regular meeting with the Station management team has resulted in open lines of communications. This has led to an increase in agent morale, station Productivity and Positive working environment for all work groups including management. These Biannual meeting are an additional way to address, solve and come up with creative ways to resolve issues and conflicts that come up in the work place.  Ultimately the goal is to ensure our stations are meeting or exceeding their goals and continuing to be a valuable part of the American Airlines Group and that we all have jobs.  

Shop Stewards

Local 3645 would like to say a special thank you to all of the Stewards in our 22 stations for volunteering to stand up for their fellow coworkers and ensuring the work place is safe, free of contract violations and a over all healthy productive working environment for all of us #UNIONSTRONG.

• Station Visits

Our Area Representatives and officers have been visiting our 21 Field stations to ensure all our members are receiving the support and help that they need from the local.  The station visits along with the Bi annual management meetings ensure each station has regular interaction and contact with local 3645 leadership team.  Serving all of our 22 stations require many hours of volunteering and sacrifices but the leadership team is committed to 24 hour a day 7 days a week.  We all as union member are strong together. Working together works. #UNIONSTRONG.


CWA National Convention

The CWA National convention will be held July 29 -31.

• Contract Distribution

Local 3645 began contract distribution in May 2019 and will run thru August 2019.

So far all of our 22 stations have been given contracts. There will be a couple of more dates set up in CLT.  Any member who wishes to get a contract can send an email to the Locals Sec/Treasure at [email protected] to set an appointment to come by the locals office to receive their contract.

Quarterly Contract System Board

The first Contract System Board was held July 11, 2019 in PHL.  All but one contract distribute case were settled prior to the meeting of the board. The contract dispute case that was not settled will be going to Arbitration.

• Piedmont/ CWA Biannual Meeting

The second biannual meeting with Piedmont and CWA leadership was held on July 12, 2019 in PHL.  Leaders from all CWA locals meet with the Piedmont Vice Presidents, Regional managers/Directors and Human Recourse managers to discuss the goals, areas of improvement and operational components for Piedmont. Which included expansion and facilities renovations of the CLT Hub. Also, multi millions of dollars have been allotted to equipment replacement in all stations with the CLT Hub seeing the most in equipment replacement. Also CLT will go up to 700 flights per day.  Second only to DFW with 900 flights per day The Express division will have a majority of the flight increase.

• Website           

The Website is the Primary source of information and updates that is totally funded by all of our dues. The website is updated regularly, and it is where you will find a wealth of information from everything that is going on with our union locally and Nationally as well. CWALOCAL3645.ORG. Please log in and check it out.                                                                                                         .

• New Steward Training Class                                                                                                          Welcome New Stewards! The Local did not have steward training class for the second quarter. The Steward class is taught by our CWA Staff Rep, Vonda Hardy who was out on medical.  A date for the next steward training is being worked on now. The total number of stewards to over 68 system wide. If you are interested in being a steward and would like to be considered please send an email with your full Name, Station and Contact information to [email protected]. So that you can be sent information on becoming a Stewart.

• Area Representatives

The officers of Local 3645 would like to take this time to thank all our Area Representatives for volunteering their time and sacrifices to ensure that our 21 Field stations are receiving the support and help that they need.  We hope that the information, knowledge and expertise that you have been receiving from our officers have allowed you to be successful in servicing all our members in our field stations. We know that volunteering to service all our members requires a lot of sacrifices and on behalf of all our members we want to say thank you!

• Union Boards

Please continue to look out for the latest information and updates on the union boards in your perspective station breakroom locations.

• Membership Cards

Piedmont has implemented a brand new accounting system that has taken a few months to implement. As a result their regular report to the Local of agents that Piedmont does not have Union Member cards for was delayed a few months. Now that the new system is in place Piedmont has send us a current list of agents that they do not have union cards for.  Because of the delay the Union is allowing all agents that Piedmont have identified as not having a card on file to  voluntarily get these cards filled out and turned in ASAP before termination request are submitted. If any agent that is off of probation and do not see a CWA union dues deduction on your pay stub. Please get in touch with the Local at [email protected].

• New Hire Orientation

We have been having an average of three new hire orientations a week now In CLT. This is very important because it is the first point of contact that our new hires have with the union. Providing them with the fundamentals of what the union does/ is and is doing is extremely important.  Those new hires that do not train in CLT get their Orientation in their stations by the stewards in their prospective stations.

One Plane at a Time

Remember we need to be working safe and following ALL of the rules. Read the EGOM, P&P, & handbook and make sure you are following everything to a T! Do not take shortcuts because shortcuts can cost you your life. Work safe at all times and report all equipment that doesn't work no matter how MINOR you think it is. Windshield wipers don't work? Tag it out! Belt loader doesn't work correctly tag it out. Follow all lifting techniques. We have to be diligent in working safe and remember. Piedmont Works because We Work!

Stay Informed

Any member who wishes to get official union email updates please send your request and information to:  [email protected] Member created Facebook pages: CWALOCAL 3645MEMBERS and PIEDMONTAGENT


In Solidarity, CWA Local 3645 Leadership Team

Anthony Barden – President,   Darryle Williams Phd - Executive Vice President

Donielle Prophete - Vice President,  Shaquelle Baker - Secretary Treasurer

Eula Davis  - Area Representative, Douglas Christian - Area Representative

Kasaundra Moody Area Representative, Oscar McDonald Area Representative, Heather Hudson Area Representative .