Good morning my Union brother and sisters,
Today is a sad day for our Piedmont family as we will be saying good bye to our brother Kendrick Hudson.  Please excuse my delay in putting something out sooner as I have been dealing with personal death from a very close friend so my mind was not in the best place of words at the time.  Let us please take the time to embrace the family and the life of this young man by making sure we are being respectful to the family, friends and ones close to Kendrick.  
Let us first start being our Brothers Keeper and make sure that we look out for each other daily when we come to work, the same way we come in is the same way we want everyone to leave.  Let us also taper from all the conspiracy theories on Facebook because I feel and hear that many things are being printed and given to the family.  Let us not stress this family out with all this rhetoric and ill information.  The Locals Executive Board will be involved with the investigation along with American Airlines, Piedmont, OSHA and any other entity that is involved with this process.  So we want to make sure the facts are given correctly so that it will not be he say she say information.  So please be patient as we are involved with this process.  
In closing I must say this I Anthony Barden love you all as my brother and sisters of Piedmont Airlines, I have put in many hours at this company so I have spent more hours there then my own home at a time in my life.  I never wanted to see someone leave us in Charlotte at Piedmont Airlines.  I have seen close calls and now to experience this is heartbreaking because you can't plan for something like this and to see one of my young brothers leave us is heartbreaking for me.  Again please be SAFE AND BE YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS KEEPER AND TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER.  Let us joyously remember Kendrick and remember the smile and joy he brought to us all that knew him.  Let us also take time to remember all the wonderful people that have been with us at Piedmont that have passed.  My Piedmont Family love you all 
Also "Any and all official union information, announcements, news etc from CWA Local 3645 will be posted on the unions website. So with that being said when the official results of the investigation are done this information will be shared with our members on the unions websiteby the executive board members first and then to our members by direct email. (for those whose emails the local has)