Union Bothers and Sisters
Recently the Company sent out communication to agents stating that as a result of our contract they will no longer provide insurance to part time employees THAT INFORMATION IS INCORRECT.
The Union has not and never has negotiated insurance for part time agents! The contract only addresses insurance for full time agents. If the company decides to discontinue insurance for part time agents that is their choice.
Healthcare Open Enrollment is happening now through December 15th! No matter what you may have heard, the Affordable Care Act is still alive and well, so don’t miss your opportunity to get covered. Health insurance may be more affordable than you think. Most people actually qualify for financial help to lower their health care costs.To sign up, you can visit If you want to learn more about enrollment One of our Union Brothers who is also a Shop Steward in GPT has offered to help his fellow union brothers and sister with the ACA (Affordable Care Act) enrollment . His name is Ralph Richards and his number is 504 650 2448.