Attendees:  Piedmont Managers: Patricia Wooten, Autress Freeman, Lamar Graves CWA Local 3645: Darryl Williams Phd.

CWA: Agents are requesting that bid not be held from RA for more than 1 week. Unnecessary stress for agents needing to swap.

PIEDMONT: The permanent shift trades have to be manually inputted and each bid line with permanent swaps have to be rebuilt. This is very time consuming. There is no other way to do it.

CWA: Agents would like to split their shifts except of course partials

PIEDMONT: Agents should be able to split their shift on RA as long as its not anything less then four hours. Any agent having a problem should contact TMS.

CWA: TMS agents need to be cross trained and able to service agents instead of redirecting them all the time or calling back.

PIEDMONT: All TMS agent will have an intensive one week of training. When this is going on TMS will only be open for a short period of time. Emails can be sent and answered during this process. The date for this will be announced soon.


CWA: Bidding procedures need to be done by someone else. Operational needs are not the number priority if staffing is a constant issue and on the first day of bid gate is short and only one agent called out.

PIEDMONT: This will be investigated to see what the problem is with staffing. According to the numbers we are staffed for operations

CWA: 11 p.m. outs are being held because its too much work to look at seniority list. Why does the management team not just release by block seniority like the company use to do before for instance all agents with 2016 hire dates and lower can go at 11pm.

PIEDMONT: This will method will be presented as a solution to holding all the agents


CWA: Stools behind Podiums, Standing at back wall and 14,16. Its easier for agents to sit at the gate instead of walking al the way to break room just to sit down for 15 mins. Customers will be better serviced. Planes will be met on time agents will be sitting right there.

Piedmont: current policy does not allow for stools at gate. This issue has been presented to American and if their policy changes we will follow suit.

CWA: Replace mats at Gate with better quality mats.

Piedmont: Better quality mats will be ordered.

CWA: Managers need a separate computer and printer to be able to work more efficiently in each section.

Piedmont: There are mobile stations in several spots throughout the concourse. The managers are supposed to be using them already. This will be brought to managers attention.

CWA: Shade or tinting need to be on all the windows to block the glare and heat.

Piedmont: There are gates that have been identified as having these issues. The city will be contacted for window tinting at these gates.

CWA: Jet bridges are dangerously Hot.

Piedmont: The newer jet bridges have air conditioning. Agents should be using the air when planes board and deplane.

CWA: Chairs at counter need to be replaced.

Piedmont: The chairs have been identified as having comfort issues. Alternate chairs will be looked at.

CWA: There is no leg room for agents working counter they have to put legs where the garbage can is. After a 10 hour shift at the counter this can be crippling. Counter agents slam their knees on the handles, and it is painful agents have to twist them selves like pretzels to be comfortable to service customers.

PIEDMONT: The new counter was designed this way. The current configuration would have to be changed which will only be done when counter is due for renovations.

CWA: Garbage is spilling out of containers on to the Turmac.

PIEDMONT: The current containers will be emptied more frequently

CWA: Tarmarc needs to be pressure washed it smell like urine and garbage juice.

PIEDMONT: The current containers will be replaced with a different type of container that can be lined with trash bags. Also a compacter that is not being used will be used to help with this issue.

CWA: Agents not stopping at stop signs and turnstile agents are speeding on the tarmac.

Piedmont: The city is issuing citations and the city will continue to do so

CWA: ABR need more tugs/

Piedmont: More tugs have been ordered to replace the broken ones that are out of service.

CWA: Less senior agents leaving before senior agents at night and during mandoed

Piedmont: HR has clarified what work groups are and this should stop this from happening going forward but agents with less seniority  will be moved to ensure operations are staffed properly.

CWA: Agents are being assigned flight close to their out time causing them to leave late.

Piedmont: The managers should be on top of this. Agents should advise mangers when prior so they can assign flights accordingly.

CWA: Signs posted for agent to clean up after themselves. Agents are killing roaches  in new break rooms.

PIEDMONT: Signs will be posted

CWA:  TPoint--- need more fans more fans

PIEDMONT: More fans are being ordered to be installed where the outlets are behind the belt.

CWA: More training for new agents on the new T Point system

PIEDMONT:  The current training will be reviewed to identify issues

CWA:  In the new T point It is difficult to place bags in card due to not enough spacing between carts.

PIEDMONT: The carts had to be moved to allow space for tugs as per OSHA. If there is a particular area where this is an issueagents can contact Lamar.

CWA: More water containers needed on Ramp.

PIEDMONT:  additional water containers have been ordered.

Message from PIEDMONT management to agents:

-Please use AA email for all communication no personal emails will be answered.

-Lockers are still available in  e 21 breakroom and ESB

-If anyone has lockers in E8 breakroom their things will be removed an discarded.

-Any new hire that were hired in 2019 should go to tms to have their hearing test done. The hearing test hours are Mon, Wed, Fri 700 am to 630 pm. TMS will start assigning in to agents RA if more agents are not getting their hearing test.

-No cell Phones on concourse

-No PLD on turmac or concourse

-No sitting in wheel chairs behind wall behind E 33,35,38,36

-If any agent has been sent the wrong uniform they must show proof that the correct uniform has been ordered to prevent a corrective

-All agents must be Arrival Readiness

-Company is looking into cool rags and individual water bottles for agents