November 6, 2020


Dear Local 3645 Members,

 As you are all aware, the timeline we, the Election Committee provisioned,  has not been met on several dates.  We ran into some issues such as a change in the Chair, Aptify being down for 4 days and several other issues. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

 This is to let you know Ballot Point sent us a ballot to approve and we discovered some minor errors, it has since been corrected and is being processed. We have extended the voting period to December 11, 2020.


Your Election Committee  

Attention 9/14/2020

A Notice of Election / Nominations will be posted in the Month of August on the official Local’s Website. This was posted on August 10, 2020… cwalocal3645.org.  You may be nominated; self nominate or send a request of nomination to the Election chair.

Due to COVID 19, there will be no meeting to nominate in person, you may send a request to nominate to [email protected] or send a certified letter to nominate to:

Election Chair for 3645

PO Box 240828

Charlotte, NC 28224


 1. The Candidates for Local Officers and Executive Board shall be announced at the

scheduled membership meeting in the month of September.

Due to COVID 19, there will be no meeting announce the candidates in person. After contacting the candidates for acceptance, their names and positions will be posted on the website by the election committee.


2. If there is only one (1) nominee for any position, the nominee shall be

elected by acclamation.


3.Write-in votes are not permitted.

4. Elections shall be conducted by electronic voting (BallotPoint, just like last election) method and instructions will be sent U.S Mail in the month of October (just like last election) with ballots being mailed to the last known address of each member in good standing. The members shall be responsible for maintaining their address to the Local.

5. The election ballots shall be mailed to the members after the close of nominations and shall be counted by the end of November. (By BallotPoint, electronically)

6. The Local Executive Board shall take office on the 1st day of December.

 7. Run-off elections, if necessary, shall be held in December.

This information and timeline will be posted on its official date …. 9/15/2020 

Any questions, email the election committee at [email protected] to receive a prompt response.

September 15, 2020






Good Day Members!


Local Officer Elections will be held this September thru November and will be conducted by an Electronic ballot.  This election will be for a (3) year term starting December 1, 2020 and ending on November 30, 2023. 


CWA members in good standing who would like to run for Local Office need to submit a nominating petition to: Election Committee, PO Box 240828, Charlotte, NC 28224 or emailed to [email protected].


There are 9 positions on the Executive Board of CWA Local 3645.  The positions for nominations are listed below:


•    President

•.   Executive Vice President

•    Vice President

•    Secretary-Treasurer

•    5 Area Representatives


You can only be nominated for one (1) position on the Executive Board.  However, you can be both a Local Officer and a Steward or Chief Steward at your station.


Nominations shall be made by U.S. Certified mail.  Nominations have to be received no later than 4pm on Friday, September 25 by the CWA Local 3645 Election Committee at the address below:


            CWA Local 3645 Election Committee

PO Box 240828

Charlotte, NC. 28224


After the nominations are submitted, the Local 3645 Election Committee will review the petitions and make sure everyone is in good standing.  The members of the Local 3645 Election Committee are:


            Arturah Givens (Artie), Chairperson (CLT)


            Cheranitha Kelly-Sims (GSP)


            Gayle Fesperman (GSP)


            Jaena Howey (CLT – alternate)


2020 Election Time Line:    



Sept 25, 2020              Nominations must be received by election committee at the CWA Local 3645 Election Committee, PO Box 240828, Charlotte, NC 28224 or by email   [email protected]no later than 4:00 p.m. EST


Sept 28, 2020              All candidates that accept nominations will meet via e-conference call (due to COVID 19) at 7pm.  If candidates accept the nomination the Election Committee will give out “Election Campaign Rules and Entitlements”. 

The committee will be able to answer questions or concerns at this time.

If you cannot participate in the e-conference call, an e-mail verification to [email protected] by 4:00 p.m. EST needs to be sent.    


Oct. 1, 2020                Request for labels by candidates must be emailed to Artie Givens at

[email protected] by 12:00 p.m. EST.  Requests must be specific to the Area for which the labels are requested.


The candidate may submit a campaign flyer to be posted on the CWA Local 3645 website. Once approved by the Election Committee Flyers will be posted. Flyers must be delivered to the Election Committee at [email protected] by 12:00 p.m. EST. Flyers will be subject to approval to be posted on the website.


Oct. 9, 2020                Each Candidate will be limited to a flyer to uploaded to the official website. Flyers will also be emailed out via the Local Agent email list. Please submit to the Committee in an electronic format by 12:00 p.m. EST on this date. 


Oct 19, 2020               Ballots mailed out.


Nov 23, 2020              Members not in receipt of a ballot must contact Artie Givens via email [email protected] no later than 3:30 p.m. EST in order to vote.


Nov. 23, 2020             Voting closes at 4:00 p.m. EST.


Nov. 23, 2020             Tentative Certification of results of the election


Nov. 30 to Dec. 14     If needed voting for Runoff Election will be held Nov. 30 to Dec. 14


Dec. 1, 2020                Officers takes office (unless runoff – officers take office Jan. 4, 2021)


Nominating Petition for CWA Local 3645 2020 Elections


I,  _____________________________________________,

being member in good standing, of CWA Local 3645, do hereby nominate:


Employee: ___________________________________Emp # ___________


Station Location: _________ Contact Phone: _________________________


Email (personal) ________________________________________________


For the position of:

______ President                                ______ Secretary-Treasurer


______ Executive Vice President      ______ Area Representative                        

______ Vice President                      



Nominator: __________________________ Emp #: _________ Station: _______





I, _______________________________, being a member in good standing


of CWA Local 3645, due hereby accept the nomination for the position of:


_______________________________________  Employee #: ___________


Nominee’s Acceptance Signature___________________________________




Received by Election Committee Official: _________________________________


Please mail a copy of the petition or email to: [email protected] or

CWA Local 3645 Election Committee PO Box 240828, Charlotte, NC 28224

All nominations must be received by 4 P.M. EST Thursday, September 25, 2020



Click on the link below to download and print nomination form

Here is the list of Nominees who are running for Local 3645 2020 Elections:
President Nominees:
Christopher Hand
Donielle Prophete
Tim Richardson
Executive President Nominees:
John Talmage
Darryle Williams
Vice President Nominees:
Douglas Christian
Dawne Billings
Secretary Treasurer Nominees:
Shaquelle Baker
Greg Paris
Area Representative Nominees:
Kemyanna Oliver
Jane't Anderson
Eula Davis
Kasaundra Moody
Deloris Brown
Juan Robinson
Please join us in the Membership meeting Wednesday Sept. 30, 2020 at 6pm to briefly be introduced to all candidates.