Latest Updates

Week of August 3
Executive Vice President Darryle Williams and Area Representative Eula Davis  host breakroom breakout in Clt  at Breakroom by E20.
Step one Grievance hearings in CLT
Union and Company hold System Board Hearings in Clt 
Vice President Donielle Prophete work with CLT agents to address Managers not tagging out carts agents are reporting due to safety issues.
Week of July 27
President AB, Vice President Donielle prophete and Excutive vice President Darryle Williams meet with Departtment heads in CLT to disscuss upcoming bid timelines.
Executive Vice President  Darryle Williams meet with AVL  Station management   Afterwards there was a station visit with members in AVL.
Vice President Donielle Phophete and Area Representative meet with MYR Managment 
President AB host New Hire orientation.
Executive Vice President Darryle Williams  hosted breakroom breakout  in Clt  at Breakroom by E20.
Union  working with member and  steward in MYR  to resolve classification violation.
Union working with members  to resolve contract violation in GSP
Step one Grievance hearing in CLT
Union and Company hold System Board Hearing in Clt 
Executive Board Meeting 
Exectutive Vice President Darryle Williams Service members and Steward in OAJ
Week of Juluy 21
Unions Area Representative service member in PGV
Step one Grievance hearings in CLT
Union meets with TMS Department Head Meeting  in CLT to discuss Training for Agents returning from long term VLA.
Unions Executive Vice President  Darryle Williams meet with ILM  Station management and Local shop steward.  Afterwards there was a station visit with members in ILM.
Executive Vice President Darryle Williams meets with SDF Station management and Local Shop Steward followed by a station visit with members is SDF.
President AB host New Hire orientation.
Unions Vice President Donielle Prophete participated in the bid  exstention meeting along with the department heads for Clt.
Vice President Donielle Prophete and Area Representaive Eula Davis held a followup meeting with the South East Regional Director Aylin Albayrack and Regional manager John campbell  to come up with solutions to the issues ongoing in GSP. 
Vice President Donielle Prophete, President Anthothy Barden , Exec. Vice President and  CWA System Wide Saftey member Jeana Howey met with the Station Manager , Department Heads, CLT& PHL hub Director, Piedmont  facilities manager  and a City representative  in CLT to discuss the ongoing issues of extreme tempatures in the Dew Jetbridges (old jetbridges) . Also the ongoing issues of Supplying additional power and water to the T- POINT building so that additional Fans, Heaters and water can be supplied to the T POINT building.  The Station manager along with the City representative informed evereyone that the additional Electric for Fans, Heat and water to TPOINT  will beging in November 2020. The final details concerning budject, saftey, and facilities are taken place now.
The Union officers suggested individual Neck Fans for agents and/or  Air circulater fans for the  Dew  Jetbriudges (Old Jet Bridges). 
There was also discussion on having the tubing on 3 of the old jetbridges retrofitted to allow air to be blown into those jetbridges by air units already attached to the Dew bridges. A follow up meeting will be held in 7 days after getting input from the city, saftey and facilities on these options how quickly they can be implimented. 
Week of July 14
Step one Grievance Hearings in CLT.
Union and Company hold System Board Hearing in Clt,
Area Representatives Eula Davis  met with  FLO Station management and  Local shop steward.  Afterwards there was a  station visit  with members in  FLO.
Area Representative Kasundra Moody met with VPS management  and local shop steward. Afterwards there was a sation visit with members in VPS.
Executive Vice President  Darryle Williams meet with MYR  Station management and Local shop steward.  Afterwards there was a station visit with members in MYR.
Excutive Vice President  Updated the CLT large Union Board with Latest Quarterly Report and current Shop Steward List. The Union Boards in ESB building and Breakroom across from E 20 were updated with latest shop steward list.
Vice President Donielle Prophete organized a meeting with the South East Regional Director Aylin Albayrack, Regional manager John campbell  and Brian Sanders to discuss issues that are ongoing in GSP. President Anthony Barden and Exec. Vice President Darryle Williams also attended the meeting.
Week of July 7
Step One greivence Hearing in Clt.
Quarterly Members Meeting.
President, Executive Vice President and Vice president hold monthly South East Regional Directors meeting.
Vice President Donielle Prophete and Area representative Eula Davis Service members in CAE.
Attention: All Members
Subject: Social Media
We are in a ultra political and racially charged environment for some valid reasons however, Please Please be aware that many agents social media comments on race, religion, sex, politics etc are being reported to the company by your coworkers. Corporate security are investigating and many agents are getting disciplined up to termination.

Tell Congress: Extend the CARES Act

TO: Congress

Essential workers weekly federal stimulus benefit

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American Airlines Banks on Loyalty Program to Back Stimulus Loan to Manage Through Coronavirus

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11 major US airlines have new pandemic rules for keeping passengers safe, but some are doing more than others. Here's how they compare.

Why some analysts pick Southwest Airlines to recover the quickest Evan Hoopfer, 5/29/2020

ATT: Local 3645 Members in CLT
The union has been having an ongoing conversation with the company for weeks about how to better protect our agents by having temperatures taken at the turnstile . Progress has finally been made and the company has finally seen the point we have been arguing weeks. Temperature taking will start this week. The training for those individuals that will be taking agents temperatures has just begun. The Union leadership and company leadership will have its final discussion to formalize the details of this new procedures in the next 24 hours.
#UNIONSTRONG were fighting 24/7 365.

Thank You

To: CWA Local 3645 Members

The last 7 or 8 weeks have been really busy for our Local officers, Executive Board and stewards in the 22 stations that we serve.  There have been many additional task and issues that our Union volunteers have had to address in an effort to ensure the safety of our members in all of our stations. This includes making sure all stations are following the CDC guidelines as it relates to protecting our members from covid19.  This required many meetings both person and virtual. In addition to countless phone calls and emails. There will always be a level of resistance at some stations to following procedures, protocol and contract adherence but our Union volunteers are steadfast and stand united in ensuring that our working environments are safe.

Our Union volunteers had to deal with the ever-evolving flight cancellations that have disrupted operations in all of our 22 stations.  Additionally our union volunteers  have had to overseeing the emergency bidding process in all our stations to ensure that the emergency bidding is being done equitably and adhering to the requirement of the contract as it relates to minimum and maximum hours outlined in our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CONTRACT). It has definitely been a challenge for our Union team.

Local 3645 officers, Executive Board members and Stewards are still making sure the day to day activities of the union are still continuing as normal in the mist of everything else going on. This includes but is not limited to

 -Stewart representation

-Grievance process for terminations and all forms of discipline.

-Grievance process for contract violations.

-System board hearings for terminations and all forms of discipline.

-System board hearing for contract violations.  

Additionally, Our union volunteers are always working behind the scenes 24/7 to resolve every day work place condition and safety issues and concerns. As well as addressing work place conflicts before they escalate. They are also ensuring that local, state and national workers’ rights are being protected. Almost all of the 22 stations that are in our local are in right to work states. Which means this is a challenging task when dealing with company management. Remember the Airline industry is just one of a few industries that are unionized in right to work states.

Most of our volunteer union personnel have other jobs, careers and businesses and family obligations but still step up to make sure all their union members are being protected because they are steadfast believers in workers rights and believe in the labor movement.  90% of what our Union volunteer team does is behind the scenes. It is very often a thankless job.

I want to take this time to personally thank all of our volunteer Union personnel for all that they do.

Thank you

Arlinda Hampton               

De’Chancela Williams           

Anthony Barden                

Donielle Prophete                                      

Eula Davis                            

Kevin Geter                                                                                         

Pierre Jean                          

Kevin Jeter                           

Oscar McDonald                               

Douglas Christian              

James Covington                

Teresa Burger                    

Delma Kendrick                 

Christopher Hand              

Takiyaha  Gaither                 

Nicole Mcnair                                            

Andrew Howard                           

Kasaundra Moody             

Valerie Smith                                                                     

Heather Hudson                  

Mercy Littlejohn                          

Shaquelle Baker                          

Jennifer Evans             

Deandre Masssias   

Kenwyanna Oliver 

Julie Jones                       

Shanaya    Gladden                                                                                                                                                 

Jaena Howey                                                                     

Teresa Cooley                  

Joanne Pallotta                              

Connor Slattery  

Meechelle Tart       

Barbra Thomas                               

Amanda Adams                            

Deloris Brown                                

Erik Glen                              

Julie Jones                                                                                       

Roger Gowan                                  

James Nickerson                

Bob James

Daquan  Harrison

Leroy Pridgen                                 

Tabitha Walters        

Melvin Moran                                                                    

Juan Robinson 

kristena cook  

Meshelle Bradford 

Jenet Anderson 

kila Shelton

Gabe Sherrill                                                                                                                       

Tony Ortiz                                        

Rhonda Olivas

Derek Mitchell            



To: Local 3645 Members
Re: Hazard Pay
Good afternoon Union brothers and sister. I hope everyone is safe and healthy. The union has been having multiple conversations with the company about getting hazard pay for our agents. The company said they can not pay agents hazard pay at this time.
Please consider these very important factors about the airline industry
    1. Its having major financial issues due to passengers not flying and are not making any money.
    2. Companies are asking for agent to retire early to save money.
  • Multiple airlines are asking people to VTO to save money.
  • The whole industry just got a government bailout to pay workers salary.
  • Gate agents are boarding flights with 5, 6 and 7 passengers.
  • Ramp are loading flights with 3 bags.
  • It maybe months before the airline industry will recover.
  • Lay offs/furloughs maybe imminent for the airline industry this coming fall.
These are unprecedented times for us all and the Unions concentration is keeping our members employed and ensuring they can put food on the table.
In Solidarity, CWA Local 3645 Leadership Team
Anthony Barden – President, Darryle Williams PhD- Executive Vice President
Donielle Prophete - Vice President, Shaquelle Baker - Secretary Treasurer
Eula Davis, Douglas Christian. Kasaundra Moody. Heather Hudson Area Representative.

President Trump: Keep Your Promise, Keep Airline Workers Employed    Petition