Latest System Board results

Date: January 20, 2021           TO: CWA Local 3645 Members

From: CWA Local 3645                  Subject: System Board Hearings

On January 20, 2020 CWA Local 3645 held System Board of Appeal in CLT.

An agent from FAY was appealing a termination for Job performance. The agent was terminated for having an accident in a tug. After reviewing the facts presented, the Company violated article 24. R- Absent extenuating circumstances, all disciplinary letters will be issued within twenty-one (21) days from the date of the incident or the date the Company is aware of the incident, whichever is later. This time limit will not apply to investigations requiring response from an external agency. The termination was overturned with backpay.

An agent from SDF filed a contract violation grievance claiming the Company violated article 14 & 15 by forcing them to take vacation hours to recover from Covid19. The agent and Union advocate claim both articles support agents using their vacation hours for sick leave but doesn’t require it. After reviewing the facts, the board ruled, the Union and the Company disagree on the interpretation of sick leave and medical leave so this case should have been heard at that interpretation board according to article 20, B – 3. All agreed to have this case reheard at that board scheduled for April 2021.

An agent from SDF filed a contract violation grievance claiming the Company violated article 8 B, C, G. According to article G – a rotation method for the assignment of mandatory overtime may be established locally when mutually agreed upon by the Company and Union. The agent claimed they received 3 points because they had to call out due to be improperly mandated. After reviewing all the facts, the Company claimed their understanding of their station specific agreement was different from what the Union’s understanding. The agreement was supposed to be in writing but neither side had copy of said agreement. The board ruled to uphold the 3 points but the company and the Union must revisit the specific agreement and include scenarios and examples for better understanding and put an agreement in writing within 30 days. The Company and the Local had 8 cases scheduled for this system board hearing date and the Company settled 5 prior to the hearing.

In Solidarity,

Donielle Prophete – President                                                                                                                                    Darryle Williams PhD - Executive Vice President                                                                                                        Douglas Christian - Vice President                                                                                                                              Shaquelle Baker - Secretary /Treasurer                                                                                                                          CWA Local 3645