Email Response sent  on October 19, 2020

From: "Richard Honeycutt" <[email protected]>
To: "Nathaniel Fowler" <[email protected]>
Cc: "Christopher Shelton" <[email protected]>, "[email protected]" <[email protected]>, "Greg Paris" <[email protected]>, "Dawne Billings" <[email protected]>, "Conway Bernard" <[email protected]>, "Chris Graham" <[email protected]>, "Thomas Carroll" <[email protected]>, "Paul Dela Rosa" <[email protected]>, "Karl Stafford" <[email protected]>, "William Ely" <[email protected]>, "Ras Kebra Ali" <[email protected]>, "Jamal Spikes" <[email protected]>, "William Brown" <[email protected]>, "Benedict Caesar" <[email protected]>, "Vargas" <[email protected]>, "Abdur Bilal" <[email protected]>, "Brian Rowe" <[email protected]>
Sent: Mon, Oct 19, 2020 at 1:09 PM
Subject: Re: CWA 3645 2020 Election

I want to thank you for reaching out with your concerns in Local 3645.  I will attempt to address some of the issues and President Shelton will be in contact with further information regarding the Local elections process. 

Concerning the bylaws, staff rep Vonda Hardy submitted changes 2017 during the process of splitting off the West from Local 3645 creating Local 7019 based out of Phoenix.  Included in these changes were ones that simplified the process of being nominated during a Local election.  I do not believe that the changes to the bylaws took away any reasonable opportunities for members to participate.   As you know, the Local was in receivership during 2017, and while in receivership it is allowable for changes to be made without having to go to a vote by the membership.

In your letter, you start by saying that the local did not meet the requirement for workers employed by the company to be in good standing.  You referenced a letter that had been sent to President Shelton and I and following that letter there were responses from two of the officers in the Local addressing your concerns.  The Local has told me that to date they have still not received any names from you of employees who have been denied membership so if you know of any employees who are not paying dues then if would be helpful to the Local to either get them to sign one of the cards that the Local emailed to you or send their name to the Local so that they can contact that person.  If you have any specifics of individuals who have not had an opportunity to pay dues, please forward them to the Local or to staff rep Vonda Hardy.

One thing that I did find out was that there are five on this letter who are not paying dues and one agency fee payer.  A look at their paystub should have alerted them that dues were not being deducted and to contact the Local to see why not.   I’ve attached the membership form so that they can fill it out and return to the Local to turn in. 

 Nicholas Warrick: Doesn’t actively pay dues currently

Jacob Young: Doesn’t actively pay dues currently

Wanetta Ray: Doesn’t actively pay dues currently

Nicole Scott: Doesn’t actively pay dues currently

Jamal Spikes: Doesn’t actively pay dues currently

Adbur Bilal: Agency Fee Payer