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October 20, 2020

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Christopher M. Shelton


Sent via E-mail:

To:      Tim Richardson Greg Paris Dawne Billings Conway Bernard Chris Graham Thomas Carroll Paul Dela Rosa Karl Stafford William Ely Ras Kebra Ali William Brown Benedict Caesar Micas Vargas Brian Rowe

Re:      CWA Local 3645 2020 Election Dear Colleagues:

This is in response to the e-mail I received on October 14, 2020, from the individuals listed above. This response is only being sent to dues-paying members. The following individuals were listed on your letter, but are not shown as dues-paying members in CWA's database:

 Nicholas Warrick, Jacob Young, Wanetta Ray, Nicole Scott. Jamal Spikes  -Currently does not actively pay dues 

Abdur Bilal Agency Fee Payer - Currently suspended from membership

It appears that you are attempting to lodge a  complaint about  the CWA Local 3645 election process. Article XV, Section 4 addresses challenges to a Local election. First, there is no pre-election challenge. All challenges to a Local election must be filed with the Local Election Committee within 10 days following the tentative certification of the results of the ele ction . Thus, your challenge cannot be accepted for at least two reasons. First, it is premature. Second, it was improperly filed with Vice President Honeycutt  and me.

As your purported election challenge is not properly before either one of u s , neither Vice President Honeycutt nor I will be taking any further action regarding your letter. However , Vice President Honeycutt will be contacting you regarding other issues raised in your letter.

Christopher M. Shelton President

 cc: Richard Honeycutt Nick Hawkins

Anthony Barden, President CWA Local 3645