Election Committee members shall not participate in any way to assist the election of any candidate, including the passing out or posting of any campaign material.


  1. 1.              UNION BULLETIN BOARDS
    1. Candidate may post campaign flyer on union bulletin boards. Only after approved by the Election Committee Flyers must be submitted to election committee by 12.00EST on October 6, 2020. All non approved flyers will be removed from all union boards


  1. 2.              CAMPAIGN MATERIAL
    1. Candidate may submit campaign flyer to be posted by the Election Committee on the Local 3645 website. Flyers will also be emailed out via the Local Agent email list
    2. Flyers – any and/or all flyers must be standard size (8 ½ x 11) paper.
    3. Flyer to be posted on the website must be delivered to the Election Committee by 12:00 p.m. EST on October 6, 2020..  Flyer will be scanned and posted to the Local 3645 website.
    4. Candidate is responsible for their own campaign material distribution to the membership.
    5. No candidate/member may campaign during time that is paid by any local, national union or any employer.
    6. 3.              CAMPAIGNING
      1. No local or national union funds nor employer funds shall be used to promote the candidacy of any individual.  The use of employer or union stationary, facilities, equipment or personnel to promote the candidacy of any campaign is prohibited.  Use of plain Local paper, facilities, equipment or personnel to promote the candidacy of any campaign is prohibited unless the local is compensated.  Use of union stationary with the local’s name, insignia, or other mar identifying the local is prohibited
      2. No member may campaign during work time that is paid for by any local, the national union or any employer.  An individual may campaign while on paid vacation or personal leave.  Campaigning incidental to regular union business would not be a violation of this section or federal law.
      3. You are allowed to post on your OWN personal media page, any campaign material/flyer



  1. 5.              ELECTRONIC MAILINGS
    1. No phone banks
    2. No phone numbers will be given
    3. No emails
    4. No texting


  1. 6.              OBSERVERS
    1. Observers may be present at all times that ballots are processed.
    2. Cannot be on lost wages.
    3. Must be member in good standing.



  1. 7.              GUESTS
    1. Cannot be on lost wages.
    2. Must be member in good standing.
    3. Cannot be disruptive (refer to documents “Rules for Guests”).


  1. 8.              ELIGIBILITY
    1. Only members of the local in good standing shall be eligible to vote.
    2. New members must have their dues authorization card in the District office by 12:00 p.m. on October 16, 2020 in order to be eligible to vote.
    3. To be eligible to hold an elected office, members must be in good standing with CWA Local 3645.
    4. Nominations for President, Executive Vice President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer and the 5 Area Representatives shall be Local-wide.
    5. Nominations shall be made by United States certified mail and returned to a separate Post Office Box.
    6. No individual shall be permitted to run for more than one office.
    7. If there is only 1 nominee for any position, the nominee shall be elected by acclamation.


  1. 9.              BALLOTS
    1. The ballots shall be printed containing the office and the names of the nominees.
    2. Write-in votes are not permitted.
    3. Position on the ballot shall be determined by alphabetical order.
    4. The Election Committee shall tally the ballots in all elections and notify the membership of it’s tentative certification of the results.  Absent a challenge to the election, the tentative certification shall become final 10 days thereafter.
    5. Each member eligible to vote by Electronic means or Telephone will be sent:

*One notice of election with instructions

*One secret ballot.


  1. 10.           MISCELLANEOUS
    1. In the event a member does not receive a ballot, THE MEMBER needs to contact the Election Chair at [email protected] no later than 3:30 p.m. on November 23, 2020
    2. Campaign buttons may be worn anywhere except in ballot counting area.
    3. Campaigning will be allowed at work in areas where official business is not being conducted.
    4. No local or employer funds can be used to promote a candidate.
    5. Any challenges to the conduct of the election must be filed in writing, sent by certified mail, to the election committee postmarked within ten (10) days of the tentative certification of the results.
    6. Due to this being a union election, the Election Committee highly recommends that all campaign literature be printed by union printers and carry the union bug.
    7. Union stationary with the local’s name or insignia is prohibited.
    8. No member may campaign during time paid for by the Local or the company(s).
    9. Both the tentative certification and the final certification shall be given to the Local President and Secretary-Treasurer (in this case due to Receivership, CWA Staff Rep Vonda Hardy) and the District Office and shall be posted on all Union bulletin boards and the Local website as soon as possible.


  1. 11.           ELECTION RECORD
    1. The Election Committee shall turn over to the Local Secretary-Treasurer all records, including the eligibility list, the return addressed envelope number list, used and unused ballots, tally sheets, etc.  The Local Secretary-Treasurer shall keep them for one year from the date of the election.  At the end of one year, the Secretary-Treasurer and the Chair of the Election Committee shall destroy the entire record.




Any questions should be directed to a member of the election committee (listed below)


Arturah Givens, Chairperson, (CLT)


Gayle Fesperman, (GSP)


Cherrie Kelley, (GSP)


Jaena Howey, (CLT-ALT)